Human capital management software that delivers payroll services, easy survey deployments, and more for multinational companies and large enterprises.


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UKG Pro is a Human Capital Management software with the potential of transforming businesses by connecting the workforce to a global experience. It's a powerful tool that can apply to a wide range of activities ranging from payrolls, service delivery, surveys, and everything in between. The HCM solution drives the talent pool towards focusing on results. It's of utmost importance to the leaders who wish to manage the entire life-cycle of employees.

The full range of functionalities of UKG Pro in the employment field involves recruitment, onboarding of the new candidates, calculating and processing payments. The use of this HCM tool also include management of the labor force. It goes beyond management to aid in developing the employee coaching strategies by evaluating performance, their learning, and a deeper understanding of the work process.

Organizations have the chance of leveraging on the UKG Pro's predictive, presumptive and analytical tools. It has a robust reporting and business intelligence system embedded in its solutions. UKG Pro can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using a mobile device or computer. Mobile application is available for devices using Android and iOS operating system.

Features of UKG Pro

The UK Pro has many features that deserve recognition, but the quality that has won the attention of many is its mobile functionality. Most companies, to a greater extent, are made up of a remote workforce. Therefore, such employees should be able to easily access work tools while on the line of duty, regardless of where they are operating. On that end, UKG Pro's mobile flexibility enables the employees to complete the key tasks directly from their smartphones or tablets.

TouchBase is another solution from UKG. It's a time clock and a self-service device that punches employees in and out of the tablet hourly.

Its importance is crucial since the employees will be able to view all messages from the administrators.

The Target Market of UKG Pro

Along the process of trying to choose the right human resource software, the UKG Pro is among the right fits to consider. The HCM tool serves various industries ranging from those in hospitality, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, retail, and non-profit making organizations. This software is ideal for companies that wish to avoid complexities, unnecessary costs, and wastage of IT resources.

Implementation and Integration of UKG Pro

UKG Pro is a cloud-based solution that employees can acquire through a monthly subscription. The UKG house carries out maintenance and upgrades of the platform; therefore, the users don't have to worry about regular maintenance expenses and the possibility of it becoming outdated.

Implementation is a one-time and one-budget approach. Once it has been deployed, its functionalities are available for a lifetime with only some monthly subscription fees. UKG Pro offers support service through phone calls, emails, online community, live chat, and Rapid Hotlines. They also provide training to unlimited customers at no additional costs.


  • Adopt to serve employees in various sectors
  • It a global HCM solution
  • Has a mindful HR technology


  • UKG have not given a clear pricing information
  • Customer response can be slow

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Performance
  2. Organization Management
  3. Compliance

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Mobility
  2. Customization
  3. Integration APIs
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